Fire Department

Fire Department - City of Coshocton, OhioThe Coshocton Fire Department was established as a full-time paid department in 1908 to provide first line fire response to the increasing demands of community development and diversified industry. The department started operations on January 1, 1908. The Coshocton Fire Department is an ISO rated "Class 3". The department and facilities have grown and adapted to changing technology and community needs. In 1989 the department moved to a new facility providing housing for its' staff of one fire chief, four captains, twelve firefighters, and equipment consisting of four engines, one aerial ladder, a rescue boat and various other pieces of rescue equipment and a safety house to teach elementary children about fire safety.

Fire TruckThe administrative staff is on duty Monday through Friday 8AM to 4PM. There are four shifts comprised of one captain and three firefighters. Each shift works two 10-hour days followed by two days off then two 14 hour night shifts followed by two days off with all off duty personnel on call.  

Mission Statement

The division of fire is established to protect life and property from fire, confine and extinquish fire that threatens life or property, provide fire education and prevention services, and assist in other emergencies that threaten life or property.

More information about the Coshoton Fire Department can be found at:
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