City Council

Coshocton City Council meets the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in Council Chambers located in City Hall at 760 Chestnut Street.  Agenda's are posted at City Hall on Friday's prior to each council meeting. Public input is always welcomed and a time is given near the beginning of each meeting for public concerns and questions.

In accordance to Ohio Revised Code 731.05 the powers of the legislative authority of a city shall be legislative only, it shall perform no administrative duties, and it shall neither appoint nor confirm any officer or employee in the city government except those of its own body, unless otherwise provided in Title VII (7) of the Revised Code. All contracts requiring the authority of the legislative authority for their execution shall be entered into and conducted to performance by the board or officers having charge of the matters to which they relate. After the authority to make such contracts has been given and the necessary appropriation made, the legislative authority shall take no further action thereon. 

Coshocton City Council is made up of seven (7) Council Members, President of Council and Council Clerk. The seven (7) members represent wards one (1) through four (4) and three (3) at large members that represent the whole city. The president and members are elected officials that serve a two (2) year term. All members and the president are elected in the same year. The clerk is appointed by a majority vote of council members every two (2) years.

A ward map can be downloaded here.

Coshocton City Council Committees:

Finance | Salmans – Chairperson, Johnson and Moore
| Fuller- Chairperson, Grier and Mishler
Housing & Property Maintenance | Johnson - Chairperson, Grier and Mishler
Infrastructure | Moore - Chairperson, Salmans and Mishler
Insurance & Benefits | Moore - Chairperson, Salmans and Grier
Safety Services | Grier - Chairperson, Johnson and Moore
Parks & Recreation | Gross - Chairperson, Johnson and Fuller
Grants & Economic Development | Gross - Chairperson, Fuller and Salmans
Rules | Mishler - Chairperson, Grier and Gross

Council committees meet on the first and third Monday of each month at 5 PM in Council Chambers to review and discuss proposed legislation.

Meetings can occur with a 24-hour notice.
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